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    Land of Opportunity is our first film in a series that highlights the negative impacts of fracking and other natural gas industry activity in Arkansas.  The first film focuses on the rash of over 1,300 earthquakes that struck the Greenbrier and Guy area, as well as smaller earthquake clusters in the Fayetteville Shale area.  These earthquakes were proven to have been triggered by fluid disposal wells used in the natural gas industry.  

    The film also highlights a meeting held in 2008 before any of these disposal wells were permitted.  State officials held a hearing with a disposal well company as well as scientific experts to discuss the fact that wells of this type in the area would undoubtedly cause earthquakes.  After reviewing this information and discussing it in depth, the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission chose to permit the wells anyway.  A two year long rash of earthquakes quickly ensued, and state officials allowed these wells to continue to operate while telling the public that they were studying the phenomenon.  More information about this meeting and these earthquakes can be seen here.  

    The film also introduces many other problems that residents in the area are experiencing, including health problems from air and water pollution, destruction of property, noise issues, road damage, and even laws that allow property and mineral rights to be taken from people for purposes of natural gas production.  

    For more information about this film including dates for future public screenings, visit the Land of Opportunity Facebook page here.  If you have questions please email us at