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    Thank you so much for making a donation.  The oil and gas industry spends billions of dollars every year on advertisement and public relations.  Television, radio, newspapers, and the internet are filled with ads from the industry telling the public how safe their activity is among other mis-information.  Every dollar you donate helps us get our message out to the public.  We maintain this website, give public presentations, we have two documentaries currently in production, we do air and water testing, we investigate complaints, write reports, we lobby for better regulation, and many other things.  We hope to soon run a series of radio and newspaper ads.  No amount is too small.  Thank you again for your help!
*Our organization is a non-profit registered with the Federal Government and the State of Arkansas, however we are not filed as a 501c-3 and therefore your donation through this website will not be tax deductible.  Filing as a 501c-3 would prevent us from lobbying for specific legislation or campaigning for political candidates.  We have partnered with Earthways to receive tax deductible donations through their organization.  If you wish for your donation to be tax deductible please make a check payable to "Earthways" with "" in the memo line on your check.  Please mail the check to 65 J.R. Circle  Greenbrier, AR  72058.